Vadym Grusha

Made coffee for crypto a reality

Founder, CEO Trustee Plus

Hello, my name is Vadym. I’m a hopeless dreamer and a damn rationalist who recognized the super-power of blockchain and cryptocurrencies more than 10 years ago.

I have over 16 years of development and programming experience. I’ve worked with large enterprise projects, including Bank of America and HSBC bank. I won the Consensus hackathon in New York.

Now I am doing one of the most important things in my life – giving people the joy of owning the finances of the future with the help of Trustee family products.

Let’s meet closer.

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My videos and interviews

In this section I have collected the most recent interviews and videos that will help those who don’t like to read to find out who I am, what I do, and what is important to me. And get an answer to the question of when bitcoin will cost a million

My projects

Trustee is a way of life, my family, and my main source of inspiration. As for now, two large projects exist and are developing under this brand. But I believe that everything is just beginning

Trustee Plus

This is a custodial crypto wallet with a built-in payment card. This is the best entry point to crypto. Allows you to quickly receive, store, exchange, transfer and spend any of the popular cryptocurrencies conveniently and painlessly. This is a crypto wallet that you want to install for your mom.

Trustee Wallet

A non-custodial crypto wallet for true old-school crypto enthusiasts. The best online cryptocurrency wallet for safe storage and profitable purchase of cryptocurrencies and tokens.



I’m always open to cooperation, dialog and favorable offers. Feel free to write to me on any of the social networks where you can find me, or use the contact form below. I can’t promise that I’ll answer quickly, but I’ll definitely try 🙂